Recognition of quality service: IPL HRMS announces results of customer satisfaction survey

June 23, 2021

C&T’s human resources management software IPL HRMS conducted a survey campaign from April 12 to May 17 to better understand customers’ expectation and experience with the IPL HRMS product and service. Consolidated from valuable comments and ratings of long-term to new customers across industries, the survey results reveal customers’ high level of satisfaction with IPL HRMS in different aspects, in particular customer service.

On customer service, IPL HRMS received an average satisfaction score of 4.08 out of 5. Most of the respondents (91.6%) thought the customer service team responded to their inquiries quickly, and 80% agreed the team provided professional assistance regarding software usage. Also, 95.3% of the respondents appreciated the team's service attitude and behavior, and about 90% agreed they have outstanding problem-solving skills.

On product quality, 83.3% of the respondents rated IPL HRMS as highly easy to use, and 95.2% were satisfied with the product’s security. On project implementation, 86.7% of the respondents thought the project team responded to their inquiries quickly, and around 90% agreed the team provided reliable guidance regarding the project.

IPL HRMS takes these survey results seriously as they represent the customers’ pulse and indicate their expectations of the IPL HRMS product and service. A representative of a major enterprise customer commended IPL HRMS, “The team provided good customer and technical support which is responsive, prompt, solution-driven, and friendly”. Committed to the ISO 20000 standard of IT service management, the teams at IPL HRMS would continue to provide quality experience to all customers according to their needs and opinions.