Streamline Your Workforce Management for Agile Operations

C&T HCM App helps businesses in search of the best HR practice to realize holistic management of their mobile workforce with scalability, mobility, automation and real-timeliness. All about engagement, it houses your defined module-driven solution of dedicated HR functions and features, enabling every employee's intuitive self-service in the mobile way anytime and anywhere.

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Quality HR Operations and User Experience

C&T HCM App is the distilled creation by C&T integrating the expertise of its market-leading HRM software suites in helping companies across industries and sectors, especially those with large-scale operations and multiple workforces, to not only digitalize their HR management, but also uplift it with solutions that can go hand in hand with their business’ operational needs and employees’ working patterns, which are highly sensitive to today’s unstoppable advancement in consumer technology.

Enabling employees and managers' intuitive self-service in the mobile way anytime and anywhere, C&T HCM App is fully integrated with IPL HRMS at the back with a powerful core HR engine of HR Master Data, Leave Management, Payroll Management, and Reports and Query, guaranteeing satisfying user experience alongside uncompromised HR operations.

Fluid Home Interfaces for All

Whether you are an HR officer, employee or manager, the customizable, graphic home interface of C&T HCM App delivers the comfort for every user with their specific role in the workforce to navigate, to handle the HR-related matters specific to their own with smoothness and efficiency. The full-featured home interface includes function groups, function short-cuts, news and updates, dashboard stats, reminders and notifications, account settings, etc.

C&T Workflow Engine

Backed by mobile access with real-time data processing, function modules running on C&T HCM App streamline the HR handling of your mobile workforce by automating the action-taker flow, defining conditions and implementing time control, thus eliminating the potential drawbacks of managing workforces in multiple locations and with varied working schedules.

The workflows of function modules running on C&T HCM App are created by the GUI-based C&T Workflow Engine, which lets you flexibly automate your specific HR operations, from leave application to interview arrangement, work reporting, and numerous more. For example, in leave handling, the HR manager can set an approval deadline and reminders encouraging Store Manager to act in a timely manner, route the approval of a longer vacation to General Manager, set an approval notification to the leave applicant, and set a reminder to all the staff who should be aware of this leave.

  • GUI-based business flow designer
  • Conditional routing (e.g. setting additional approval based on leave type or duration)
  • Event handling (Started, In Progress, Finished, Approved, Rejected, Failed, etc.)
  • Various configurable actions with templates (email, SMS, notification, 3rd-party API call, etc.)
  • Connecting actors with organization structure
  • Standard approval list and customizable form for each node



  • Report for duty or attendance simply with your mobile device
  • Real-time location logging
  • Manage team calendar & roster
  • Auto-reminder of scheduled work to staff

Store Management

  • Manage operations of multiple stores
  • Full lists of stores and workforces
  • Streamlined arrangement of schedule, attendance, leave, etc. across stores

Report & Analysis

  • For HR personnel and management in back office
  • Report abnormal attendance records
  • Synced data and dashboard stats for formulating better work schedules and attendance policies