Success Stories

Through 30+ years of history, IPL HRMS has offered comprehensive and practical solutions to numerous customers in industries ranging from finance, manufacturing and retail to non-government organizations, etc., and created many success stories about transforming HR management and bringing remarkable benefits to their employees.

“It was a great experience to work with IPL HRMS. From consultation to project implementation, they showed an excellent manner in assisting our HR transformation. We learned many skills in setting the HR system, which will be beneficial to our business expansion.”

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“Working with IPL HRMS is fruitful. Their experienced service team has provided a solution that well fits in with our operations.”

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“IPL HRMS has provided us with a satisfying experience of digital transformation that makes instant improvement to our HR efficiency. The system’s payroll engine is doing the otherwise most routine and tedious manual work, from calculating complicated monthly payments to generating batch reports and payslips.”

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“Pledged to top performance, Transamerica strives to select partners with specialized experience and demonstrate mutual commitment in providing exceptional customer service. IPL HRMS is a very practical solution that can make sure Transamerica complies with the data security requirements for operating in HK.”

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“IPL HRMS' e-platform has automated the complicated calculation of payroll and leave with data accuracy, reduced over 20% of paper consumption, and most importantly accelerated communication among HR, in-house and onsite staffs. Their experienced team has delivered the project with reliable, full consultation and smooth implementation, bringing in digital transformation that benefits us in many aspects.”

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“We recommend IPL HRMS since the system is built with a clear logical workflow and highly customizable modules that fit our construction industry. The intuitive user interface makes sophisticated functions and features approachable and allows efficient day-to-day processes of my HR team.”

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"In choosing our HR system, we have to decide whether the supplier has the necessary capability to offer long term solutions. We are satisfied with IPL HRMS’ customer hotline, since duty staff can address enquiries and provide follow-up, even when the relevant staff is on leave."

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"Recalling our long term partnership with IPL HRMS, we found that regardless of technical expertise, service attitude or business operation, they have consistently excelled above our expectations. Their Human Resource Management System, IPL HRMS, fully complements with our innovative concept of viewing employees as customers."

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"In the past, relying heavily on spreadsheet calculations, we took much time and resources to verify even a simple piece of information, and might even lead to errors. After adopting the NGO friendly IPL HRMS, we have increased efficiency, complied with work-based government subsidy evaluation processes, improved organizational auditing, accountability and transparency, thus fulfilling community expectations nowadays."

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"Tai Hing has expanded its workforce considerably in these past two years, with the introduction of IPL HRMS, as well as the HRMS Attendance and iAttendance modules, payroll processing time has been reduced and accuracy improved."

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