For those looking for high degree of system customization or integration work to fulfill their advanced HR management needs, Add-on modules provide the solutions, giving you an IPL HRMS system with the most advanced functionality.

C&T Workflow Engine

C&T Workflow Engine

GUI-based design application for function modules running on C&T HCM App, allowing you to flexibly automate the workflows of specific HR operations, from leave application to interview arrangement, work reporting, and numerous more

  • Conditional routing
  • Event handling
  • Various configurable actions with templates
  • Connecting actors with organization structure
  • Standard approval list and customizable form for each node
Third-party System Integration

Third-Party System Integration

Enjoy seamless management by connecting your IPL HRMS system with a third-party HR or ERP system, or simply integrating the HCM modules into Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP, Workday, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.

Data Management

Data Management (Powered by VITOVA EIM)

Realize sustainable HR management by maintaining a full-structured e-repository of all your employee-related documents, from resumes and contracts to personal records, application forms, letters, etc.

VITOVA EIM enables integrated document storage, retrieval and sharing with a combination of comprehensive functions including the personalized directory structure, document collaborator, OCR data capture, multi-lingual indexing & searching, secure document viewer, data encryption, access control, audit trail and a lot more